Material Design Backward Compatibility

Android Chips Example: Material Design

Google’s material design has been evolving year by year. At first when Material Design was introduced a lot of new components were listed in its documentation. But their implementation or official widgets were not released at that time. But with every support library release, few new significant components are released. With […]

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Android Bottom Sheet - Featured

Android Bottom Sheet Example

When in 2014, Google introduced Material Design, they introduced many new design components, like Floating Action button, Tabs, Cards, and Bottom Sheets for Android. Although most of the new components were not available for Android at that moment. But over time they released a support library by the name of Design Support Library. […]

Android RecyclerView vs ListView | Comparison

Android is an evolving platform. Recently 5.0 (Lollipop) version of Android was released, along with the official RecyclerView support v7 library. As per the official documentation RecyclerView is a major enhancement over ListView. It contains many new features like ViewHolder, ItemDecorator, LayoutManager, and SmoothScroller. But one thing that certainly gives it […]

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Android Material Design Backward Compatibility

Android Material Design With Backward Compatibility

Earlier mid last year Google released a unified design guideline for web, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, called Material Design. As per Google’s official design spec, material design is inspired from the concept of paper and ink. Keeping design simple and soothing, material design guidelines suggest to maintain continuity across […]