Expo Navigator

Expo Navigator
It’s a revolutionary mobile app targeted for fair visitors. One can call it the 2.0 version of fair directory. Expo Navigator not only includes the exhibitor information, but can also help a user to find the directions between them and the exhibitor in real time through maps. Just like Google Maps.

According to the recent surveys by GlobalWebIndex (GWI), 83% of Indians access internet through their smart phones. Expo Navigator is a unique mobile platform where you can list your expo and start getting registrations instantaneously. Expo Navigator connects with the app user through their verified social accounts, through which organizers, exhibitors and visitors can connect. Expo Navigator is an Android application which can be very easily used for converting visitors into potential customers.

Expo Navigator - Real Time Maps

Usually due to lack of signage in fair grounds an expo visitor easily gets lost in the fair. Expo Navigator not only empowers the visitor by making his fair experience delightful but also provides detailed exhibitor floor maps. Through which a visitor can locate an exhibitor and also pinpoint himself in the hall easily.

Real time maps are one of the unique features in Expo Navigator. It features a customized map focusing only the targeted fair ground. This facilitates the expo visitor many ways. Through a customized map, visitor can easily find halls, stalls or food locations. This allows him to locate himself and a point of interest easily. It can be used just like an interactive fair guide, where instead of scanning through the pages, a visitor navigates through the list of exhibitors.


Expo Navigator provides the general fair information like venue information, also it provides the information about food courts in fair. Through Expo Navigator, the visitor can search nearby food outlets in real time. Visitor can also navigate to these food outlets by viewing them on map.

Expo Navigator - Power Packed Features

Let the visitors personalize their fair visit. Expo Navigator lets the visitors mark all his places of interest on the map. Be it a stall, a special event, a food kiosk or an ATM. A visitor can personalize and rely on this app for directions.

Nowadays smart phones and social networking are the new trends in industry to connect with audience. Therefore unlock the visitor potential and connect with them by giving them Expo Navigator, a smart social app.


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