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Android Service: Interprocess Communication With AIDL

Android services are designed for many permutations and combinations. You can use them for long running operations, you can use them for long running network operations, you can use them for never ending operations in a separate process. One of these many permutations and combinations is Android service interprocess communication […]

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Android Service with BroadcastReceiver

Android Service and BroadcastReceiver Example

A very useful and important concept of Android is services, I was going through Truiton, and saw I have nothing on Android Services. So I decided, to write some interesting stuff that one can do with Android services. First off lets start with some basic intro to services. Android Services […]

Android onSignalStrengthsChanged – LTE Strength Measurement

In this tutorial I would show how to measure the signal strengths in Android. Since Android is a mobile operating system, therefore measuring signal strengths from device itself would be a very easy task. Android onSignalStrengthsChanged is a method in Android PhoneStateListener class which observes the changes in telephony states of […]

Android onSignalStrengthsChanged

Android onDataConnectionStateChanged

Android onDataConnectionStateChanged – Detect Network Type

While playing with network and phone states in android there could always be a situation where one would like to detect the network type and monitor the changes of data connection state. Both of these situations can be taken care off, with the help of Android PhoneStateListener onDataConnectionStateChanged method. As […]

Android PhoneStateListener Example

While searching through some documentation I found an interesting class of android through which we can listen to some basic network related events, called Android PhoneStateListener which lead to this tutorial Android PhoneStateListener Example. Another class which needs an introduction is TelephonyManager, as this is the class which uses the […]

Android PhoneStateListener

Android Speech Recognition Without Dialog In A Custom Activity

A very interesting feature introduced in android is speech recognition. Many apps like Google Now, Chrome browser app, Google Maps app use speech recognition for their text input. Most of the apps use the standard easy way to get the voice inputs i.e. startActivityForResult by a RecognizerIntent. This would launch […]

Android Speech Recognition Without Dialog

Android SimpleCursorTreeAdapter

Android SimpleCursorTreeAdapter with CursorLoader for ExpandableListView

Recently I learned a new concept, Android SimpleCursorTreeAdapters. As its name describes, its from Android SimpleCursorAdaper family. The only difference here is that Android SimpleCursorTreeAdapter is an adapter for ExpandableListView widget. In Android, SimpleCursorTreeAdapters are used in situations where one has to populate an expandable list view through a ContentProvider […]