Monthly Archives: April 2013

Android sendOrderedBroadcast Example with Priority

In Android stack there are many classes which are under utilized. Recently at Truiton I came across another one, and thought of advertising it by Android sendOrderedBroadcast Example with Priority tutorial. Android sendOrderedBroadcast falls in Ordered Broadcasts category of Android broadcasts, which are defined in Context class. Broadly speaking Android […]

Consuming WCF SVC XML Web Service with Attributes in Android

In today’s ingeniously connected world, no Android app is complete without internet access. Being a mobile app consultant at Truiton, sometimes I feel, I keep doing stuff that no one else has done ever before, for e.g. take topic of this tutorial Consuming WCF SVC XML Web Service with Attributes in […]

Android AutoCompleteTextView SetOnFocusChangeListener Example

In every day programming we encounter new problems, and in search of solution to those we head to internet. While developing an app for Truiton on Android I also encountered a problem. I had a long list of countries from which I had to force user to select one. To […]

Android Tutorial- Introduction to AFreeChart with Sample

Today’s Android based business apps are incomplete without graphical aids like graphs/charts. Therefore in this tutorial I would be introducing a free charting library called AFreeChart, for Android platform. This library is based on JFreeChart 1.0.13. Although Android AFreeChart project is not being maintained at present, still its very easy […]