Best DTH Operator in India (Comparison)

TV is going digital from 31st Oct, 2012, in India’s metro cities including Delhi. This raises concern for people who still watch TV on cable. If you go by commercials, Tata Sky and Dish TV are leading brands but they may not be as economically viable as compared to their contenders in market. Current digital TV operators and their products in market are:

  1. Set Top Box (STB) – Siti Digital, In Cable Net, DigiCable, Hathway, and Den
  2. Tata Sky – Tata Sky (Standard), Tata Sky HD, Tata Sky+ HD
  3. Dish TV – Dish TV (Standard), DishPlus, Dish truHD Plus
  4. Videocon D2H – Digital, HD Digital, HD Digital Video Recorder
  5. Airtel – Digital TV, Digital TV HD, Digital TV HD Recorder
  6. Reliance Big DTH – Standard, HD, HD with recording

All of these Direct to Home (DTH) systems provide their services in two formats Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) for which a dish has to be installed on the rooftop and a wired box is set up near TV. Only in the case of STB by cable networks dish is not required.

If you choose to go for SD DTH box have a look at comparison below

SD DTH Box Comparison
STB Tata Sky Dish TV Videocon D2H
Max Channels 240+ 288 300+ 393
Setup/Box Price Rs 999/- Rs 1800/- Rs 1600/- Rs 1820/-
Hindi North + Sports Pack Price Hathway Rs 220/month Rs260/Month
Rs 320/ Month
(All Sports)
Rs 310/ Month
(New Gold Sports)
All Channels Price Hathway
Rs 275/month
Rs 450/Month
Rs 499/ Month Rs 425/Month
(Annual recharge gives +30 days)
Special Advantage - - 1 Month any pack
Included in Setup
Long term recharges
offer extra days
Remarks Really cheap
and great quality
All possible channel pack
available for Rs 5800/Annum
Gives recording
capabilities in Dish+(SD)

This comparison may help you analyze facts about DTH providers in India and make an informed choice.

Although technology is advancing day by day, the enhancement of SD DTH is already in market – Full HD DTH. Though only a few channels are available in true HD but its worth it if you have a big screen TV. If you choose to go for Reliance Digital TV for HD equipment, they are providing around 250 channels in HD, but dont be fooled by this, they are up scaled, its not actual HD, what they are doing is, stretching the SD channel, and transmitting it in HD. Remember stretching a small picture to larger scale does not makes it clear, it can only clear away minor distortions.

If you are going for the HD DTH have a look at the comparison

SD DTH Box Comparison
Tata Sky Dish TV Videocon D2H Reliance Digital
Base HD Box/Setup cost Rs 2000/- Rs 1899/- Rs 2000/- Rs 2990/-
HD Recorder Box/Setup cost Rs 8700/- Same equipment Rs 6990/- NA
Max Channels in HD pack Can be purchased
with any normal pack
347 400+ 250+
Actual HD Channels 21 35 24 9
HD channel pack price Rs 125/- Rs 699/Month Rs 550/Month
Rs 6600/ Annum
(+30 days free)
Rs 499/Month
Rs 4989/ Annum
Special Advantage 1 month free
HD access
1 Month platinum
sports pack included
3D HD Ready 1 Month Max
channel pack included
in box price
Remarks Recorder Box has
500GB space +
Box does not
have storage pen
drives are used
to record
Many combos available
on site
250 Up scaled
HD channels


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